PATRIOT ENERGY will change the way communities deal with municipal solid waste (MSW). Our goal is to accept household garbage, recycle all ferrous and non-ferrous metals & glass, then gasify the remaining material to produce an ecologically "green" syngas that can be converted to either ethanol or used for power. America can no longer waste corn for fuel. The US and countries around the world are dependent on corn and corn products produced in the US. By utilizing corn to produce ethanol, we have caused shortages and increased prices throughout the world. This has to change.
By producing renewable energy
from waste we will:

• considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions
• reduce the amount of energy it takes to extract   
  raw materials, that will not have to be wasted
• responsibly recycles our municipal solid waste
• reduce our dependence on foreign oil
• eliminate the need for new or expanded landfills,
  that are polluting our environment and taking
  up precious land

 Patriot Energy:
WYES - Waste to Energy

Learn more about Patriot Energy's state of the art technology. This system will change the way we deal with municipal solid waste (MSW/Household Garbage).

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